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Efficiency is the key to a successful business which is why organisations are embracing convergent applications such as IP telephony, video conferencing and cloud based applications. To realise the benefits of these technologies organisations must operate dependable network connectivity between each of their locations to deliver a secure and scalable environment.
When choosing a network to operate multiple applications it’s also important to consider the impact on bandwidth utilisation and how to deliver sufficient quality to manage each service as well as options to increase bandwidth provision as and when required.

Our VPN provides you the opportunity to receive a comprehensive, scalable and secure solution to your business, to connect distributed sites both nationally and internationally. We provide native VPN solutions aggregated within the our network, therefore there is no requirement for specialist VPN hardware at each site, making the solution inherently secure and more cost effective than other provider services.

The objective of the our VPN offerings is simple: to build a network that, as much as possible, acts like an extension of a private internal network. The result is a fast and efficient means of making distributed locations seem just like local sites, from workers' homes to branch offices to headquarters.

Benefits of VPN's:

  • Guarantee the security of data exchanged between locations.
  • Multiple connectivity options including ADSL, Bonded ADSL, SDSL, Leased Lines and Dialup.
  • Integrated secure Internet access via the VPN.
  • Utilise the network for the delivery of convergent applications such as IP Telephony, video conferencing and cloud based applications.
  • Guarantee bandwidth across the network by utilising our QoS across sites.


Sales Process
  • Technical Sales Engineers on hand to scope and build a solution that is fit for purpose.
  • Project Manager assigned to ensure the smooth delivery of our service.
  • 99.8% Core Network Uptime Guarantee.
  • Latency and Jitter Guarantee.
  • Offer quality of service with both leased line and broadband connectivity using MPLS and DSCP.
  • Option for end point monitoring 24x7x365 by the murphx Network Operations Centre.
  • Option for pre-configured site equipment.
  • Deliver IP Sec access for mobile workers.
  • Colocation services offer the opportunity to push applications and shared resources securely into the cloud as apposed to having them office based.
  • Option to monitor line utilisation.
  • Native VPN setup ensures no traffic is routed via the public internet.
  • Filter internet access through a gateway ensuring no direct access to end points from the external internet.
  • Manage restricted applications across the VPN.

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