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Reward yourself today!

Alliance Business Communications believe business is a two way street. The concept is simple, for using us as your telecoms provider; we will give you something back in the form of real money that is credited to an ABC Reward debit / Credit Card on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

We supply the ABC Reward Card in your personal or business name, the choice is yours. For every pound spent on your call charges, we will credit up to 10% back to your ABC Reward Card, which you are free to spend as and when you wish. As you will already be paying these charges to your current telecoms supplier, you have everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose by switching to us.

How do I use the ABC Reward Card?

Using the ABC Award Card is simplicity itself as it comes as a prepaid MasterCard® or prepaid Maestro® card.

The ABC Reward Card is a great way to save or build up a credit fund for just about anything, from paying for those day-to-day household expenses, to splashing out on spoiling yourself with well earned luxuries.

The ABC Award Card is a prepaid card that can be used wherever the Maestro® or MasterCard® Brand Mark (depending on which option you choose) is shown.

How does the ABC Reward Card work?

Supermarkets, Petrol Stations and large high street retailers have been offering reward schemes for years, but usually the reward credits can only spent in the shop or need to be exchanged for vouchers, which can be a bore and take up time none of us has.

With the ABC Reward Card you simply get a prepaid card with credit to spend on pretty much anything you wish.

The ABC Reward Card is an “open loop” card, which means you can use it like any credit or debit card. The MasterCard® ABC Award Card is accepted in 28.5 million locations worldwide, and the Maestro® option is accepted at around 10 million locations. It combines the advantages of long-term motivation with freedom of choice. You don’t need to be worried about running up any debts with these cards, as cardholders can’t spend more than the amount credited and the cards require authorisation when users reach the point of payment.

The system is fully administered by us and there is no need to complete direct debit mandates or credit checks. We also offer complete support services, with automated balance enquiry information 24/7 via telephone and a dedicated website.

How do you charge my ABC Reward Card with credit?

Depending on which services you take and how much your bill is with us will determine how much credit we charge to your account each month. Once this credit has been applied to the card, you are free to spend it. Click here to see an example account

Why do you give money away with the ABC Reward?

Like the supermarkets, we see the value in customer loyalty, so we have simply taken a leaf out of their book but improved the way you get rewarded. Everyone is feeling the economic pinch at the moment, so why not profit from a service that you already pay for!

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