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"A Hang Up A Day Keeps The Business Away!"

Our bespoke Music on Hold productions enhance the image of your company, entertain and inform your callers of any special promotions you may be running, while keeping them on the line longer helping to increase your sales and revenue.

"Music on Hold" is the industry term, but is in essence, "On-Hold Advertising". The way we see it, Music-on-Hold is a part of On-Hold advertising. Our On-Hold advertising productions include voice and music, plus so much more.

    Facts about On-Hold Advertising:

  • 70% of calls are placed On Hold
  • 90% Will hang up if they experience silence
  • 30% of those will Never call back!
  • On Hold Advertising keeps your callers on the line up to 3 minutes longer
  • 35% of callers make a purchase based on what they hear while on hold
  • It is 10 time less expensive to sell to your existing clients
  • Executives spend an average of 15 minutes a day on hold. That's 60 hours a year!

    Benefits of On-Hold Advertising:

  • Reach a Captive audience
  • Cross Sell Products & Services
  • Inform & Motivate Callers
  • Build Brand Awareness

On-Hold Advertising really does work!

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