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True business mobility

What if your mobile phone was connected to your PBX just like any other extension?

Alliance Business Communications can give your business this unique feature.

In todays world people are increasingly on the move and those who are not mobile will lose their competition advantage.

Mobility is more about connectivity, being in contact, than it is about moving around on the phone. In today’s competitive business environment being properly ‘connected’ is more important than it’s ever been.

The Samsung OfficeServ Mobex application enables you to set a personal virtual ring group of up to 5 alternative numbers (mobile phone, home office, alternate office, workshop, etc.) which will simultaneously ring when you are away from your main phone.

You will remain always in contact, and will never miss that important call again. The Mobex application allows you to make and receive calls from your mobile through the OS 7000 System as if you were at your desk. Managing calls through the system allows you to maintain the central benefits of call control, operator console, voice mail, call recording, etc.

The key in all this is that contacts can reach you via one ­single number.

Samsung OfficeServ Mobex

Useful benefits

Samsung WLAN Solution will liberate you from the confines of your office. It will also provide you with significant cost efficiency with its ability to remove unnecessary cabling and maintenance through the qualified voice data service of IP & WLAN

Key Features:

  • Call Forward Follow Me
  • Call Forward on Busy or No answer
  • Call Forward on DND
  • Conference calls
  • Simultaneously ring up to 5 different numbers
  • Voice Mail Access
  • Transfer
  • Intercom call
  • Make call by Speed Dial