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Leased Lines provide business-class connectivity from network to point of delivery at speeds between 2Mb and 10Gb. A leased line is the ideal solution for organisations looking for unrivalled service levels in comparison to that of ADSL and SDSL whilst offering fully un-contended, synchronous throughput at a variety of speeds.

If your business relies on connectivity then it’s imperative that you have a solution that reflects this requirement. Leased lines provide a high availability, highly scalable solution with increased service level performance than that available with other connectivity solutions.

We can provide SDH and Ethernet leased line connectivity across a number of carrier networks both in the UK and internationally ensuring the proposed solution is competitive and fit for purpose.

We are able to provide both Internet leased lines as well as point to point circuits (i.e. a connection from one location to another without Internet access).


Internet Leased Line services provide a direct connection into our transit network. The cost of an Internet leased line is calculated based upon the distance from the delivery location to the local carrier point of presence.

Internet Leased Lines are provided with a Managed Cisco router and monitored 24x7x365 by a Network Operations Centre. Internet Leased Lines can also be provided with DSL fail-over as well as a Managed Firewall as required.

We provide back-up solutions to Internet Leased Lines either in the form of additional Leased Lines or utilising ADSL and SDSL failover options available within our portfolio.


Point to point services provide direct access between sites. We are able to provide point to point connectivity both within the UK and between the UK and international locations.

Whatever your location or speed requirements we have relationships with incumbent local carriers throughout the world to deliver reliable fixed line solutions.

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